Moving Forward

Since our congregation is not yet fully vaccinated, we will still ask you to wear your mask and stay safely distanced while on our church campus. We want to remember our youngest members and those who are immunocompromised or receiving other treatment.

Worship with us in person at

8:30 & 10:30 am Holy Communion

The 10:30am service will be live-streamed on YouTube and Facebook. We will not pass the Peace as before but we will keep singing with our masks. If you have thoughts, concerns, questions, or suggestions for our regathering, please contact Church Council Vice President Amanda Eversley or Pastor Stewart.

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There is no roadmap. A minute ago we were making plans for a post-COVID future, but with the Delta variant (and whatever is coming next) all that we really know is that we don’t know. We are having services in person now. We are planning an evening of remembrance on the twentieth anniversary of 9/11. All of that can change.

The last eighteen months hit everyone hard. The isolation, the fear, the grief – it is a different life than we ever have known. But God works in mysterious ways, and God is with us every day. Our community of faith binds us together in times like this. There was a phone tree, people checking in. There was a children’s message with a hand puppet, bringing a smile and silliness on Sundays. There were beautiful music videos that accompanied the hymns. There was technology, first with YouTube videos, then with Zoom, making it possible for us to see each other, talk with each other. We took on hard subjects and brought our true selves into the conversations. And God was in the room.

Children were baptized, husbands were buried, Mardi Gras dinner was served (remotely) and spring flowers blossomed. We are still here. We are on Facebook and YouTube. For now, we have services on Sundays in our beloved sanctuary. God is in the room.

If you need someone, we are here. Pastor Stewart and Pastor Don are happy to make themselves available for virtual or phone conversations, or safely distanced and masked chats at the church or on your front porch. Just send them an email or call the office to schedule.

We are a community. We are a community of faith, and love, and we believe in joy, and laughter, and the power of a good old-fashioned garden to heal our souls. Welcome to The Church of the Nativity and Holy Comforter.

Sunday Worship @ 8:30 and 10:30 am Holy Communion indoors
Masks and social distancing are required
Click here to watch on YouTube or here to watch on Facebook.

Monday Chair Yoga @ 10:00 am
Click this link or call 1-301-715-8592 then enter 4102369650#
Leader: Linda Mcgill, 410-235-3612 or 410-236-9650 or email.

Wednesday Healing Prayers @ 10:30 am on Zoom
In person on August 4
Click this link to Zoom or call 1-301-715-8592 then enter 87331904395#

Wednesday Night Live @ 7:30 pm
Compline Evening Prayers and Conversation
Click this link or call 1-301-715-8592 then enter 82573335080#

Thursday Morning Bible Study @ 11:00 am
Click here to join or call 1-929-205-6099 then enter 88586024640#

Thursday Evening Meditation Group @ 7:30 pm
Join Zoom Meeting. Meeting ID: 410 236 9650. Passcode: yoga
One tap mobile +13017158592,,4102369650#
Leader: Linda Mcgill, 410-235-3612 or 410-236-9650 or email.

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Lutherpalian: not just an adjective – it’s a choice.

In a state which is solidly democratic with a Republican Governor, in a city which has suffered from systemic racism and all of the attending tragedies and yet has a heart and soul that is the envy of other big cities, in a time when fewer people are engaged in organized religion, and during a raging worldwide pandemic, we thrive.

We the people, the congregation, we choose to worship together. We were born into the Lutheran faith. We were born into the Episcopal Church. Or maybe we decided later to affirm our faith in a church that would embrace us. This is our church.

We hail from nine countries, we speak different languages, have gone to different schools, live in different communities, love who we love, and we are politically diverse in a time when few organizations are. We laugh, we listen, we feel the power of prayer, and the grace of music. Our sanctuary is blessed with beauty, our parish hall with the sound of children’s voices. Jesus is here. Joy is here.

We are a casserole-making, tree-planting, food-donating, room-painting, bunch of Christians who choose to value doing over talking, love over hate, prayer over violence, and we welcome the stranger. It’s that simple. Come join us.

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Welcome Home!

We are a diverse and non-judgmental community, grounded in the unconditional love of God.

We live out our faith by serving our neighbors and partnering with others to change the world.

We believe Jesus inspires our worship, our service, and our joy.
We welcome people of every race, national origin, immigration status, sexual orientation, gender identity or expression, age, physical or mental ability, sex, political perspective or socio-economic status. Rather than using our differences to divide us, we pledge to use our differences as gifts for our work together.

Join Us at Worship

Worship is at the heart of all we do at Nativity. Join with us as we seek to proclaim
God’s goodness to us and offer praise and thanksgiving in all of our actions.

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